Last week I spent the day in meetings with management at Desire Pearl and as I walked past the pool heard – “It’s Lynn from the cruise!”

After that fun reunion and the hugs and kisses all around. The group of came to the same conclusion – I haven’t done a very good job of making sure everyone knows that All Inclusive Resort Travel is the foundation of my experience. Not only do I offer it, it’s where I started and established over 15 year as an expert.

To dispel any doubt. We know all inclusive resort travel inside and out.
We are long standing experts and leaders in the travel field with our ‘vanilla’ business specializing in selling all inclusive resorts.

Enough about us – I’m so pleased to introduce you to

Gloria Otero Villela – the guest services manager at Desire Pearl.

Gloria from Desire PearlShe is passionate and has the perfect disposition to make everyone at this upscale oasis feel comfortable

Gloria describes the atmosphere at Desire Pearl as elegant, sensual and erotic in a beautiful way.

This is a very upscale crowd. She thinks this is the perfect place for first timers and couples wanting to connect to their sensuality as a couple.


A friend touring the hotel with me was new to the lifestyle so she gave a lesson in swinger lingo. Gloria explained that many people who visit Desire Pearl are not swapping partners. If you don’t share you are called vanilla.  Hearing about ‘vanillas’ from a beautiful woman with a lilting mexican accent made this sound like a sweet and very exotic flavor indeed. Gloria says everyone is invited to come and experience something new. To explore and connect to each other.

Everyone who is a first timer is scared to come here. They are a little afraid of what they might see. Or what could happen.   After a while they really just focus on giving love to their partner, husband or wife.
There are no judgements.
It’s something more natural.
Its like being in eden…everyone does it and no one is ashamed.

Of course it is a lifestyle resort. And there is a group sex playroom off the disco. There is also a huge outdoor jacuzzi lounge complex and designated as an anything goes play area. So while Desire Pearl is upscale you will find the crowds activities ranging from mild to sexy and wild.

Glora leads the tour and tells stories about couples who saved their relationships and grew closer from the experience. That vacationing at Desire Pearl gave them an outlet they were not allowed in their home towns or society. That couples have grown closer to each other again.

In their home they cannot do this.
Here they are erotic and open.
It’s not only about love it’s about pleasure.

Its something natural.
After a week it changes the chip in your brain.
Now I wonder why there are not hotels like this all over the world

Desire and Desire Pearl do provide a unique experience in adult lifestyle travel in the Riviera Maya.

There is agreement among all that the couples in the lifestyle look younger and sexier.  So if you are looking for a reason to give it a try, perhaps this is a good one.

Gloria says she thinks this is for everyone and she recommends that new and curious couples begin their erotic exploration at Desire Pearl as a first time experience.   The other sales manager jokes that Gloria is developing the new religion of Desire.  And she is convincing – I think I’d join. Or at least stop by for a sermon or two.

Resort Information Desire Pearl Resort

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All 88 rooms and suites are ocean view


  • Accommodations: Ocean View Rooms, Junior Suites, Master Suites and Penthouses, all of them provided with luxurious amenities
  • Personalized check-in, including a welcome glass of sparkling wine
  • Clothing optional Jacuzzi Lounge
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Dining at 2 specialty restaurants: International, Mexican & Asian
  • Daytime & late night snacks
  • Premium alcoholic beverages, fine house wines, beer and refreshments
  • Food and beverage service available 24 hours
  • Around the clock, 24-hour Room Service, service charge.
  • Day & evening entertainment programs
  • Non-motorized water sports
  • Gym
  • Hotel taxes and tips

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