Time Zone Shift

This hypnotic recording is designed to assist you mind and body to naturally adapt to jet lag and fatigue associated with long flights.

  • This was recorded especially for this vacation by Lynn Olivari to assist you in having the best possible vacation experience.  Guests who listen to this recording will be able to emerge more fully in the erotic meditation/hypnosis sessions provided during your Passion Suite Club vacation.   Lynn is a Master Hypnotist and a NGH board certified hypnotherapist.
  • This recording contains binaural beats and entrainment sound engineering.
  • Do not listen to this recording while driving a car.
  • Suggestions on this recording include:  enhanced mind and body integration during travel, enhanced well being, improved sleep, expanded creativity, enhanced ability to experience change thru hypnosis, expanded positive feelings around sexuality. Scripting credit: modified from Personal Ecology by Mark Cunningham

Download the ‘Time Zone Shift’

Plan to listen to this recording at bed time before and after travel and while you are in-transit on your long distance flight.

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