Bliss Cruise Guaranteed Waitlist - April 2024

While the next Bliss Cruise is sold out - there are frequent cancellations.  To join the Guaranteed Balcony Waitlist, complete the following information. 

Estimated Balcony Cost Bliss Mariner 2024 - $3, 642 - $4,042 total for 2.

Procedure: Bliss Cruise will charge $1500 deposit. That adds you to the list.  As soon as a balcony cabin becomes available, we will call you. At that time we will give you the cabin number, location, and total cost.  If the quote is acceptable - BAM! You are on a Bliss Cruise.

If your plans change or you would like to decline the offered cabin, your $1500 will be fully refunded.  If, for some reason, you do not receive a cabin in an acceptable length of time, you can also choose to be refunded. 

Our level of success with this procedure is high, and all clients have received cabins (although sometimes, a bit of patience was required.)  

Questions? We are happy to discuss this option 877-348-6570.

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