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We are all about ‘The Best Fucking Vacation’ and we have been receiving a wide range of reviews.  Some are so different that it’s hard to imagine everyone was on the same vacation.

I really appreciate guests taking time to share their experiences with us and our readers.

As the owner of this site, I’m in a bit of an odd crossroad.  I had the best lifestyle cruise ever… and I’ve been on 18 of them.  Truthfully this ranks as my personal best.  I came off the ship glowing with happiness.  I met great people, relaxed with my husband and really had a good time.  And I did enjoy the food and wine.
Some of the features on past cruises that were better and other things that were not as good.
It feels like there were two very distinct vortexes on this ship.  I’m not alone in having enjoyed it and I know many people have valid complaints and feel unhappy about the product.   At we strive to present an honest recap of our experience and all sides of the story.  To that end I’ve created this review page.
If you are interested in submitting a review please email  I’m asking several customers to contribute and hope you are willing to share your experiences both good and bad.  In your review we also appreciate any tips that could make the experience for future cruisers better are also appreciated.
Thanks for traveling with us and I do appreciate your feed back.
Wishing you more joy in your journey!
Lynn, Owner

Lynn’s Review of Couples Cruise on MSC Divina

We have been on over 18 lifestyle takeover cruises and my feeling on the last day was that this was the best one overall so far.

There are a number of criteria I use to rate a lifestyle takeover cruise.  Obviously those criteria are a little different than how I would rate a great family vacation cruise.

Overall ease preparing for the Cruise.  Rating:  Poor

As a travel planner focused on details I found this to be a difficult product to explain clearly.  MSC’s web site crash 2 weeks before boarding and over all unfamiliar pre-booking policies for enhancements (tours, drink packages, dining spa) made things feel confusing prior to boarding.  Despite all the confusion in the weeks prior to the cruise and lack of boarding documents.  This embarkation was one of the smoothest fastest we have ever seen.

Was it easy to meet couples that were like me?  Rating:  Excellent

Couples Cruise has this dialed in.  They host meet & greets for almost every special interest and age group. There was the biggest selection of classes and seminars I’ve ever seen.  Since we have kinky interests, attending these classes helped us find those other kinky couples.

The theme parties give everyone something fun to do and talk about.  The special EDM dance party pool made it super easy for the younger couples and folks who love that vibe find each other.  It was loud.  Possibly too loud.  But it was EDM in one spot all day and night.  Nice.

Was it easy to relax and have the sort of fun I was dreaming about?  Rating:  Excellent

My secret to really getting the most out of a cruise is to USE the daily ship schedule that they deliver to the room every night.   I pick my highlights then keep it with me incase I’m wondering what to do next.  I’ve learned to not pressure my self to do everything, but rather to have a good idea of the options so I can make the most of my time in a fun and relaxing way.

My next travel secret is to REALLY have a look around.  Do a full tour to figure out what is where.  This ship was huge and it took me a couple day to really feel like I could get to the places I wanted to be for fun easily.  But once I found it, all the fun I could imagine was right there.

I spent my days on the pool deck getting to know new friends and watching the amazing body painting by Rachel DeBoer.

I was one of the lucky folks who booked early and had Yacht Club access.  This provided a lovely quiet retreat where I could grab a drink (included) and float in the hot tub. For me it was the perfect contrast to the active and rocking main pool deck.

The nightly show in the theater were some of the best we have ever seen.  There was entertainment all over this ship.  All day all night.  We loved hanging out with Passion Suite Club in the Jazz bar after the shows and before the dance party for the night got cranking.

The playrooms were gorgeous.  I’m an exhibitionist and I love the playrooms.  These were absolutely stunning.  The dungeon play space felt a bit more crowed to us than past cruises… maybe that was because there were so many hot kinky players on this one!  Dungeon Master Bad Poet did a great job of organizing as always.  And I loved the 9-10 pm kinky classes that kicked off the festivities every evening.

Taking care of US and space for being together as a couple.  Rating:  Excellent

As exciting as it is to get to know all the sexy new people, we always take time to do just US things.  The Divina gave us a great opportunity for that.    We are early risers and almost every day we enjoyed coffee on our balcony planning the day and reviewing the fun from the day before.  We also enjoyed some early morning private soaks in the hot tubs up on the Yacht Club One Pool deck before everyone was up.

We like that the space were broken up into smaller bars.  It allowed us to feel like there were places for conversations and that is what we like.  Yes we agree that the Promenade is missed as a gathering spot on every ship that does not have one (and most do not.)

I pre-booked a spa package that included 3 massage treatments.  They were super flexible in letting me split that package with my husband.  We spent one morning doing a turkish steam bath and getting massages and relaxing before a few scheduled meetings.

Romantic Wine Dinner for two.  Again on cruises we always set one night aside as date night to make sure it was a time for us to just pay attention to each other.  Le Muse was the perfect restaurant for that and service from the waiters and somlier in that restaurant were outstanding.

Overall Food and Drink.   Rating: Average
With nearly 20 lifestyle cruises in my repertoire I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of the quality that is delivered in mass scale on a cruise ship.  Divina was no exception.  I’ve actually lowered my rating from Good to Average based on feed back and complaints from other cruisers.  I did not share this negative experience.

Our favorite drinks:  Aperol Spritz, White Wine, Pina Colada
Most of our cocktails were before or during dinner.   There did seem to be quite a crush for bar service in the disco and some of the pool bars.

We heard bars ran out of certain brands.  Again, we didn’t experience that since our cocktails were mostly consumed before dinner.

A few people have told me the food was horrible.  What food?  All of it.  I did find some offerings that didn’t look or sound good I the menu.  I didn’t order or eat those things.  I was pleased with the selections I found so I thought I’d post a short list of what I enjoyed.  Maybe the folks who hated the food didn’t find what I was finding or have a different preference in flavors.

What I loved at Breakfast:
Breakfast Pizza with an Egg baked on top
Poached Eggs over an arugula salad and toasted muffins
Eggs Benedict
Pool side omelets, scrambled eggs and pastries.
Amazing Italian Espresso & Cappuccino
Fresh Orange Juice

Our Lunch Favorites:
Again that crazy pizza… margarita was my favorite.  Addicting and available at all hours.
Fresh Salads, Italian specialty meats, small fresh mozzarellas
Caprice Salad
My husband loved the gourmet sandwiches on crusty Italian bread

For Dinners we at in Black Crab (main restaurant) Eatily (specialty restaurant) and Le Muse (Yacht Club).  Le Muse was our favorite but we found things we like in all three.

The fresh bake breads were delicious and offered in all the restruants.

Soups worth mentioning were the chicken tortellini, roasted red bell pepper & creamy mushroom.  I love that they use the dried porcini Italian mushrooms in their dishes.

The appetizers were by far the tastiest.  I’ve found that restruants on ships and on land often feature some of their best dishes in the starter section.  I’ve been know to often just order starters for all courses.

Caprese salad
Italian Mushroom tart
Briny olive & cheese selection
Shrimp with pink peppercorns
Hand made Buratta with arugula
Parma ham served with chilled melon

As expected the protein selection was average and the portions were small.  This is okay with me, but I ran into a few “meat & potato guys” who were disappointed. I recommended to a few people in the Yacht Club that were complaining that they couldn’t get a good steak to order 2 of the the petit filet minions in Le Muse.  High quality protein is really the area that all Big Ships do their biggest cut backs in and Divina was no exception.  Protein selection and quality was poor.

That said, I can remember 5 great entrees including:
Medium rare duck breast in a wine reduction,
Cold water lobster tail on the second formal night,
Hand made tagateli & clams,
Delicious but small rack of lamb in Eatily,
Prime rib & baked potato in Black Crab

Would I go back?  Yes, but only if it was a Yacht Club Take Over!  I think my Yacht Club Cabin had alot to do with my overall satisfaction on this trip.

For those who wondered what took place here are the details about Couples Cruise on MSC Divina.


Customer Divina Reviews

Our First Couples Cruise 
by A.

This was our first couples cruise so we have nothing to compare it to but my husband and I thought it was wonderful. We really enjoyed every moment. We heard some people say that the food wasn’t up to snuff. I wasn’t expecting French Laundry and I thought the food was great. We tried the various restaurants and the wine pairing in the Eatly was the best. My impression was positive.
The accommodations were spacious and the staff was friendly and helpful. No complaints here.
I don’t want t take up too much of your time with my newbie review, but I wanted to mention the seminars.I overheard someone say that this was the first time that The Swingers Cruise utilized these seminars but your review seems contrary to this. I really feel that this was one of the best features on this cruise, besides the playroom. We may be a bit biased since I am an educator and my husband is a physician, but we were blown away by caliper of the instructional material.At the Kenneth Play seminar, we were instructed to examine and share our expectations, intentions, and desires for this cruise. We both learned a lot in that short session. This wasn’t just random discussion but a structured approach with each of us really examining each topic and sharing. Not only did we have an opportunity to examine our own motivations but Kenneth provided a foundation for other couple interactions, basically how to approach others and break the ice, i.e. I’m curious about you & I have an idea.  For those in the lifestyle, this may seem remedial; however, for those of us that are new, this was instrumental.

We were hooked.

We attended multiple seminars and each time we learned something new. We examined our boundaries, our emotions, our wildest desires, and discovered the adventure kit. I was truly impressed by the structure and content of the seminars, not to mention the involvement which reinforced the learning aspect. Bottom line, neither my husband nor I are sun worshippers, at least not all day, so this intellectual on-board excursion was right up our alley and truly valuable. Kenneth Play’s seminars were a highlight of our vacation and should certainly be a part of future cruises. I hope that this is something that your cruise will continue, it certainly impressed us.

It was a wonderful experience and we look forward to our next adventure.
Thank you so much, A
This was our 4th LS Cruise and 8th cruise overall. Two other LS Cruises have been with Couples Cruise and the other with Bliss.
We have to say that the MSC Divina is a Beautiful ship, but still with a few quirks that we didn’t like. All of the staff that we encountered were great to deal with and enjoyed their efforts. As usual we had many favourites from bar staff, dining, reception, etc. and seeked them out whenever we could when needed. We liked the infinity pool area as the main pool area was too crowded and too Loud to even visit!! We went to the disco ONCE during our Vanilla cruise the week before and it was practically empty but it was already too loud to visit and VERRY Small!! We knew that on the CC it would be way too small, crowded, insufficient bar and even louder to even bother going (as it proved to be). We loved the Dance party on deck on Mardi Gras night. Need a LOT more of those (especially on this ship with no “Promenade” area) so that everyone can see other costumes, dance, and enjoy, weather permitting!!
As for the food, we found it sufficiently good to have favourites and stuff to avoid, as with any cruise. We Loved the pasta, pizza, eggs station and the Mediterranean Burgers were our got to!! They definitely do NOT know what a Striploin (or any other steak) is, nor how to cut Prime Rib!! Eataly was a Disaster.
Their Premium drink package was the Absolute BEST we have ever had!! For the price of “Classic” packages on other cruises you could get their premium which DID included Everything!! The bartender in the Sports bar told us about Zacapa Rum which was $12.50 a shot!!! We could order doubles of that, No Problem!! The mini bar was great to have full access to, as well. WE have heard people say they ran out of “Premium” liquor early. We never encountered that with vodka, Rum, Tequila, etc. Always had what we wanted!! The bar staff was stretched to capacity, but probably waited a lot LESS on this cruise than others, and the wait staff coming around was great!
As you know, we were on the MSC the week before the Couples Cruise and had Assigned dining. As we were travelling with 2 other couples, all with different dining times and restaurants even, initially!! The first night we went to the Steward and had them change it to 8:00 with all 3 couples together. Easy Peasy. Our full time Waiter, John, and his staff were Awesome!! As Bob said, he knew our names, drinks, always brought us extra dishes and treats!! HERE’S WHERE THE DIFFERENCE IS and can understand peoples frustration because of it……..So the next week when it’s “Anytime Dining” about 8 of us went to the dining room and were escorted to a table. It took 3 waiters to understand English enough to figure out my wife’s drink (Vanilla Vodka, Sprite & a Splash of Cran), not to mention food orders. Was a “Hectic MESS”!! So needless to say EVERY other night after that we asked to be seated in “John’s” section!! He was verrry frustrated with the change too, but handled it a LOT better than others!! That being said… We Like the anytime dining on LS Cruises as it just works better with the flow of the night, for costumes, parties, shows, etc.
The playroom was Awesome, as always, and the staff did a great job. Lots of entertainment, seminar, M&G options for everybody.
The website, phoning customer service, setting up packages and Excursions was a huge challenge for a lot of people. Then when their site went down only added fuel to the fire that everyone did a great job of trying to put out!!
As for suggestions IF they ever have another CC on the Divina (which we have a feeling they are):
The Black and white lounge is much bigger and would make a better Disco, IF the playroom would work in the Galaxy disco, as well as additional Theme rooms.
Possibly have the Black Crab Restaurant for Assigned dining and the Villa Rosa for Anytime Dining which might make it easier for them to adjust and suit people that want either. At least this would give them a specific number for one seating time.
Once again, a GREAT Job by Bob, Tess and the entire Couples Cruise Team for an awesome job! Thank you to you and all your staff at TSC for being so positive and helpful!
We will definitely go on another Couples Cruise, but would probably prefer it to be with RCCL or Celebrity and not on MSC.
But that being said, it’s the People that make the cruise, and they make it GREAT!!
Thank you,
Carrie & Clinton

My take on the voyage by JK.

I spent 55 nights on ships in Asia, Europe and crossing since last summer. I am comparing Divina to Princess, Cunard and NCL. I am a best customer to my agency, Apex Adventures. I spent 8 plus month traveling so beside my pension there is little income. For this reason I look for the cheapest way out. Always.

1. Pre-cruise information….. Really great. I have no idea how many people work for you, but answers to any stupid question was nearly immediate, by phone or email and weekends included which was totally unexpected. Once you assured me that even if the check in docs are not coming on time I will not need them I was completely happy.

2. Usual packages, excursions, booze and spa……… I took this trip for one reason only: Sexual encounters and visual enhancement of my perception of humanity watching those amazing bodies. If I was looking for anything else I would take a perhaps $299 agent’s rate on some better ship instead of paying 4 times the amount. I have been to both ports several times. Before my retirement I worked on 7 Caribbean islands. A dream job that come to the end by 9/11. ……….I could not care less about excursions. Nude Orient beach is greatly oversold to people. Not that great and if I want to oogle breasts the ship’s pool is a better choice.

…..I could not be bothered with drinking. The ship cost me perhaps $10 per hour. To keep the price below $100 per orgasm I must not waste time by sleeping. Each drink increases for me the sleeping time by an hour so the cost becomes astronomical. My only drinking was in a bar in the 2 ports checking out my emails. Perhaps 6 total beer. I consider soft drinks a pure poison. The ship’s water and coffee was quite satisfactory for me. ………..massages. I love massages and I indulge in Asia for perhaps 10% of the cost on ship.

3. Checking in………..Absolutely the best I have encountered. Organization and the help from the yellow shirted very visible people, just could not be beat anywhere. I was also seeing as positive the card activation by a machine.  So the process of cards activation I found really pleasant.

4. The activities: ……………………I found the 10PM shows better then on the other ships I have experience with. Just super!! I would never miss the Cunard’s 10 AM lecture, but here I have come to entertain the man’s main brain. Some of the sexual presentations were just as informative. The selling features were completely flowing with information presented. Just great. The play room. Again congratulation is in order. I would improve on design by having a dark room truly dark. Perhaps barely dim LEDs to just outline the bed  and of course no floor obstruction of any kind including having bucket for consumed items screwed to the wall so one cannot trip over it. I would also separate the bar with at least a curtain.

5. Ease of encounters. My partner has developed rapid deterioration of her hip and knee. She will have iron parts installed in May, first term they could get her in. I did ask for insurance but It was not available for European and Canadian passports. If it were we would not go. I knew that I will have a problem with immobile partner so I had the cards printed saying: Mostly a solo dancer. I also registered as BI, I did all I knew how to enhance my chances.  Still I felt at times that I was hassling to much finding partners. She got finally better at end of the cruise. For her the  medical problems just made her trip a total waste.

What I would do better? Instead of meet and greet in the bar I would use the greatness of the playroom. Set a few hours every day for this. Same rules: No street clothing (or no clothing) Start Sunday morning, 9am for hour and half single women and couples. Next single man and couples. Next bi women, bi man, bi couples. This would take 8 hours, per day and could be repeated every other day. I am sure this would enhance the selection. It could be speed dating format with opportunity to engage there and then.

6. Food. So far the worst I encountered. The buffet was the best choice. What do I eat on other ships? Breakfast huge helping of salad. No dressing but various seeds and nuts and lux and caviar, Lunch again salad various chees or salmon. Couple helpings of cheese cake. Supper again salad and lamb or fish. I stay away from GMO bread also for it glycemic value. I never eat steak, try to stay away from chicken for its breast growing hormones in the meat. At home I substitute fish for pork for its $$$ content.

I tried 2 restaurants. Time consuming, food was cold and not better then buffet fare, Once I had lobster tail with crayfish combo. They managed to ruin this great meal by accompanying wild?? black rice mixed with totally awful spice of some sort.

When hungry and looking for a snack I look for clam chowder. Non was on the ship that I could find. But I did not come to eat food. Therefore I am discounting what was negative culinary experience as irrelevant to my personal quest.

7. Navigation of the ship. I had to make a cheater sheet describing how to get to venues I wanted to go to. Starting to turn left or right leaving the cabin.

8. Other participants. Absolutely outstanding. I had encounters with doctors, nurses, lawyers, business owners, scholars and teachers. Perhaps most Europeans throw the people with tattoos into a category of  not so smart people. How wrong I was, The participants were absolutely outstanding people and much brainier then what is found in vanilla social places.  Great pleasure in conversations.

9. Having a sick partner I really felt handicapped. I found that the phones not accepting and delivering messages were really very detrimental to keeping the appointments and making new ones. I did present a complaint to the customer service asking for compensation.

In general. This was my first swingers cruise, also we had a vast experience from swingers clubs from Seattle to Toronto. We would go again in a heart beat. Very positive experience. You can solicit our recommendation.

Sincerely, JK


We, the people with our positive attitude saved the party!
by M:R  and  M.M
This was by far the worst lifestyle cruise ever,

We missed the promenade parties. Every night parties in the mini disco? MSC is the worst cruise line ever, etc….

Indeed i agree with you in some points, we and lots of other people are unhappy with MSC;

we already told our point of view to Bob an Tess. (Couples Cruise)

Couples Cruise like team always make a great party, and such a great atmosphere.
Like you … our minds stayed positive and we, with our friends had a blast last week!

Your team, other companies team and of course Couples Cruise were exceptional, our minds kept the party going.

We told Bob and Tess we must keep a mature mind and positive mind, we will make a next and next and next lifestyle cruise gain, of course, we are just very unhappy with MSC.  Our group had very bad experiences on board.  We had issues with not all but many of the people from MSC staff, the food, we bought the premium drink package and after 4 days the premium brands had run out.

Our point of view is only with MSC, we hope CC think twice about choosing again that company before making another cruise.  We will skip MSC but love Couples Cruise.

Best regards from Mexico and sorry about my bad english.
Take care, and thank you for your time, hard work and ALL DAY SMILE on board the ship.

M:R  and M.M

I read your review with interest.  Here are some brief thoughts from us.
by S & I
The ship itself was on a par with other Couples Cruise ships – staterooms were bigger (good) and the public areas generally fine.
Staff were less well trained and bar service often slow and/or barstaff were swamped. It got better as the week progressed.
MSC let themselves down when it came to the food offerings. On previous ships, the choice has been truly “international”, here it was Italian based – essentially strong on pizza and pasta but weak on other stuff. You had the advantage of the “Yacht Club” where a better menu and, I imagine, better food was available. For the rest of us, it was indifferent fare – certainly not “horrible” or inedible – but not comparable to Royal Caribbean or Celebrity standards.  My impression was that the kitchen had a “that’ll do” attitude rather than striving for excellence.
I understand that the cost of a full ship charter with MSC is appreciably cheaper than such a charter with the other two lines I have mentioned.
My strong suggestion for you to pass on to Bob and Tess is that paying more for the ship and adding a few hundred dollars to each passenger’s ticket would result in many more happy customers.
I hope the above has been helpful!
I would like to give you a realistic personal comments on the cruise.
Written by Sharon
Approved by Gary
The Ship:
First, I would like to say that the ship was beautiful.  Many people claimed at getting lost or confused on the lay out.  To me it was half the fun of getting to know where you were staying for  week.  What people did not realize that the boat started from the middle out in the layout.  Once you get that down, it was easy to remember where you were.
The crystal stairs and mirrors everywhere really added to the ship.
We had an inside stateroom.  It was very well laid out for being the inside.  We had plenty of room for all our costumes and things.  Placing suitcases under the bed was the most useful part of unpacking.  Next time however, I want a window or balcony so I know what the weather is like and wake up to light.  I never knew what time it was.  It was so dark and we slept in too late.
The towel service was perfect.  The steward was fantastic.  The bed was comfortable.
The Shows:
I loved the shows the boat staff put together.  I know know and saw the  Thursday night show the Couple Cruise put together was a fiasco.  It was way to long, drawn out, and felt like a recital.  So many people left. but we decide to stick it out to the bitter end of 1 hour and 45 min plus. I know being on stage before how much work goes into that.  A suggestion for the acts…. next time maybe do 1 or 2 acts a night  with the cruise staff  shows which maybe done before or after.  I love the couple does the aerial act.  It was probably the best talent.  The Comedian was great and so was his spin off on the campaign, but I know he was suffering from technical difficulties and barely held the flow of the showing going between acts.   All I can say was that the show  felt very amateurish compared to the fast pace show of the cruise staff.
The Food:
OK we travel a lot.
I mean a lot!!!!! All over the world.
Food is what you make of it.  Yes the steaks were thin.  Yes you get tired of the same food in the buffet.  The baked Alaskan was pre-cut and pre-flamed in the back…… ETC…..
However overall the food was good.  No one I know of got sick from food poisoning or bad handling of food.  Maybe expectations was set too high for some.  Wine list is what it is.  this was an
Italian cruise.  Maybe your favorite wine from Goody Goody wasn’t on the list.  Go Home and enjoy it there.  Take a step out of your comfort zone and trying new things.  To me if you want the food at home, you should have stayed there.  The wait staff and the chefs were doing their best to feed so many people all at once.  WE all ate about the same time.  No one really went at 6 to dinner.  We are
LS for goodness sake.  We go to bed at 4 am and wake up at noon.  WE typically are night owls.
The food… well you will never ever get everyone to agree on the food at any resort.
We did try the steak house you pay for.  It was different, but good.  Not Great!  I am from Texas and no can beat a Texas steak at home.
The desserts were adequate.  An Ice cream bar with all the fixings would be great that you don’t have to pay for in the buffet lounge.  The glasses for Tea and Water could be a lot bigger.  Take 4 with you to lunch and then get 4 more.  Glad I brought my own glass.
The Alcohol:
Well Y’all told them to buy more and then buy more again.  They should have listened the first time.  One thing LS can do is drink.  I wasn’t fond of the drink coupons.  I think a minimal add to the room of $200 a person maybe a little more should have be done across the board.  When we go to all-inclusive…. They never nickel and dime you for alcohol.
Maybe a flat rate for everyone for all drinks and then an up charge card for those that must have top shelf.
Giving a card every time you drink is too much waste of time, too much work on bar tenders, and too much wasted paper flying around.  Having a top shelf card only for like 1 drink would cut down on that.  But again this is how the cruise ship wanted to manage their file keeping.  AND yes, they needed more bar tenders that were not having to work 18 hour shifts.  They worked their butts off.
FYI we bought 3 books between the 2 of us and used every last one.  The very last day I bought a mimosa and a bottle of water.  Great choice for us, but just inconvenient with coupons.
Some good Some Bad…..
DJs need to understand about the clientele they are working with.  When it is cocktail hour and people are sitting around, we
DON’T want music blaring where we can’t hear each other.  This happened especially by the infinity pool.  Several asked to turn it down and they would not do so. Saying management wants it loud.  BS  We are the customers and want to mingle not scream.  I lost my voice a couple of times.  The disco and dancing can be loud.  However in my opinion and observation that people left cause it was still too loud.  We all love to dance, but in LS we are trying to get to know each other for other reasons too.
Loved the piano bars in all locations. The sing along piano in the front was great.
I am not picky on music, but the top 40 is still what people like to dance to.  Not something no one has ever heard.  If no one is dancing, change the tunes.  That is obvious, they were DJing for themselves.  People at midnight + will dance with alcohol flowing just give them music they know and love.
The Pools:
OK love the hot tub and design of the pools.  Kudos to the designer and developer.
What I hate and everyone does it, is save a seat they never use.  Nothing can be done about that.  I finally read if know one is sitting where  just a towel is for over 30 min you can move it.  Wish I read it sooner.  I am a very polite person.  If someone comes back, I would let them back on their seat.  However, saving it for nothing but a bag is rude too.  Glad there was room to spread out from the main area.  The entertainment and dancers were great by the pool.  Y’all all did a great job at keeping the activities going. Thank you!
I am glad we were able to stay in hot tubs till 1 am, but wish they would let them go till 3 and open them up later in the morning.  I understand the need to shock them and very grateful for that, but again we are night owls.
I don’t think I ever went to bed before 2 am.
Cubicles for items instead of chairs may help.  just a thought.  But again that is for the ship not the cruise planners.
I was surprised and how many people always had clothes on and not totally nude.   Doesn’t bother me, but just thought more nudity on the ship.  The beach …… well you had to be nude at Orient Beach.  AND loved the fact of the skinny dipping record.  Wish more people joined in.  Several were afraid their names would get published or be seen.
I regretfully say I didn’t go to any of them.  At Naughty in New Orleans we did.  I think just so much going on at the pool.  Not sure if some of the seminars were even needed or attended.  I can’t really comment except many of our friends said they had good intentions but rather hang by the pool outside.  Maybe an outside area for the seminar so they can keep tanning and drinking lol
The playroom.  Always a great staff.  They work so hard.  I thought it was done very nice and always seemed clean.  Great location.  Out of the way in an area we really didn’t need.  Great view at the windows I may add!  No complaints only a big Thank you to the staff!
The bondage room seem to go over well.  The toy store was fun to browse in, but not sure if the guy made a profit.
OK one last thing is… If I had known I would not have bought the internet package a head of time.  Paid way too much upfront.  Which forced me into a package I didn’t really need.
I would give this Cruise line another try with better communication and expectations about our needs and who we are.  Especially that we drink a lot and stay up till 4 am.   I don’t think the cruise really knew what they were getting into.  But the learning curve is over and the second time around will be so better.

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