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Tune is as Carol & David adventure with Miss Lynn, proprietrix of wildly successful travel company,

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May 12, 2020

Erotic Pussy Massage and Explosive Orgasms with Dr Leonard McGill

Are you intrigued about the power of erotic hypnosis and suggestive reasoning to improve your sex life? Are you looking for ways to open her heart and her pussy and gain confidence in bed? Join us with Author, Educator and Hypnotist, Dr Leonard, on board a Swinger Cruise for the first time, as we explore vaginal massage as a pathway to reaching greater heights of arousal and better sex. He even shares his top G-Spot Stroke Techniques with us.

April 9, 2020 Blow Jobs & Deep Throating Secrets Episode Description

Have you ever wanted to sit down with a real-life porn star and ask her about blow jobs? Like: Does a blow job really feel as good as it looks on a porn flick? And. How can I learn how to do that too? If you want to discover some inside secrets of a real-life porn star, join us on The Bliss Cruise with Lexi Luna, as she gets “down and dirty” talking us through one of her Blow Job Workshops, enlightening us with her experience and expertise to fully understand the techniques required for an amazing blow job – including deep-throating – and more.

March 13, 2020 Newbies 101 Episode Description

Are you curious about the swinging lifestyle? Perhaps you’ve already discussed it with your partner – and you’ve decided to give it a try? Now you want to know what you have to do next to enjoy a positive and memorable first swinger experience. Join us with Miss Lynn from as she hosts the Newbies 101 Workshop on board the Bliss Cruise, answering specific audience questions about how to approach other couples, staying safe, sealing the deal and a whole lot more. It’s fun, it’s interactive and most of all, it’s informative.

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