What Happens on a Bliss Cruise? Read on and find out why this is the best big ship cruise at sea!

In the past 15 years several top cruising brands have emerged.
The most popular Big Ship is Bliss Cruise.
The secret to their popularity is BLISS DAYS!

When we asked people who have never been on a Swinger Cruise what they thought it would be like, 9 out of 10 described their fantasy for the onboard ship experience.

They didn’t describe ports, accommodations or dining.

Of course all of those features rated as important, but they were not the most important thing for couples booking a swinger cruise. 

The most important thing that sets Bliss Cruise apart is a Bliss Day; the experience of being at sea immersed in a  super sexy vibe.

What Happens on a Bliss Cruise: What is a Bliss Day?

Bliss Cruise has an exclusive formula that delivers the best part of the cruise! We call it a Bliss Day. It’s when everyone is on the ship and you are getting the Full Bliss Cruise Experience!

Top of the line cruise ships like Royal Caribbean and Celebrity are transformed with layer upon layer of programing, entertainment and sexy features that make this the ultimate couples only experience.


What Happens on a Bliss Cruise: Daytime 

  • Mix, Mingle & Connect: There is no way you won’t make connections if you want them. Bliss Cruise feature Couples Speed Dating and Hosted Meet/Greets galore.  Meet couples by age range or special interest:  (Young Couples, Kinky, Bi-Couples, Sexy & Silver, Hall Pass & More)
  • Have More Sex at Sea! Bliss Cruise is known for their fantastic themed playrooms! During a Bliss Day you can play under the sun and stars in the outdoor playroom.  Indoors you will find fully equipped and sensually appointed couples-only play areas and an edgy fetish fantasy play area.
  • Plan for a Nooner – You can even invite new friends!
  • Show off your bikini, tan your ta-ta’s or party at the pool fully nude!  The morning pool vibe on a Bliss Cruise is chill – and the excitement builds as the sun gets hotter.  This party is in full swing come early afternoon!
  • Learn Something New to deepen your connection and expand your horizon.  Bliss Cruise feature a schedule full of sexy seminars taught by world renowned sexperts. Topics range from Swinging 101, Tantra, Oral Sex, Squirting, Toys, BDSM, Massage, Erotic Hypnosis, and more. If it’s fun, you can bet Bliss offers a class on it!
  • Get Body Painted – Get ready for the theme party that night!
  • Relax! Sleep in late, snuggle and giggle about the fun you had last night.  Order room service and linger over breakfast on your balcony. Bliss Days at sea are perfect because we are at sea and there really isn’t any place you have to be!


What Happens on a Bliss Cruise at Night

What Happens on a Bliss Cruise? Night Time

Bliss Cruise adds an entire layer of naughty touches  to enhance your cruising experience with the following:

Theme Parties: Every night there will be a different theme. Themed nights to add a little extra fun to dressing up & heading out for the night.

Adult Style Entertainment: What happens on a Bliss Cruise is a redefinition of onboard entertainment, tailored to the diverse and adventurous interests of its passengers. Swinger cruises break the mold of conventional cruise entertainment, offering a lineup that is both alluring and liberating. From sensual burlesque shows to adult comedy nights, every performance is crafted to ignite the senses and captivate the imagination.

The entertainment is designed to reflect the desires of the community on board, ensuring that every moment is infused with electrifying energy. Passengers can expect an atmosphere where boundaries are pushed, and where each event is an opportunity to explore new dimensions of pleasure and excitement.

Whether you’re watching a seductive burlesque performance or laughing the night away at a risqué comedy show, what happens on a Bliss Cruise is an unforgettable blend of sophistication and thrill, perfectly attuned to the spirit of the voyage.

Playrooms: What happens on a Bliss Cruise goes beyond mainstream offerings, embracing a more adventurous and open-minded approach. Bliss Cruise is know for the Best Playrooms at Sea. You will find a couples only play room, a fetish play area and often there is also an outdoor play area for romance at sea under the stars.

What Happens on a Bliss Cruise? Experience It Live!

To find out what happens on a Bliss Cruise the best way to find out is to book one and experience it for yourself. Bliss Cruise has dialed in the sexiest experiences at sea by offering itineraries that feature lots and lots of Bliss Days! 

November 10-17, 2024 | 7-Nights
Bliss Symphony  
The World’s Largest Swinger Cruise
Miami – Puerto Plata – Labadee – Cozumel + 4 Bliss Sea Days  

April 24 – 30, 2025 | 6-nights
Bliss Explorer
Miami – Puerto Plata – San Juan + 4 Bliss Sea Days

November 8 – 15, 2025 | 7-nights
Bliss Reflection
Ft Lauderdale – St Maarten – Antigua + 4 Bliss Sea Days

April 26 – May 2, 2026 | 6-nights
Bliss Silhouette
Ft Lauderdale – Montego Bay – Cozumel + 3 Sexy Bliss Sea Days

November  15 – 21, 2026 | 6-nights
Bliss Symphony
Ft Lauderdale – Falmouth Jamaica – Costa Maya + 3 Bliss Sea Days


Bliss Cruise - Time for a nooner
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