Erotic Hypnosis Orlando:  Yes, Mind Blowing Sex IS all in your Head!

Over the past several years I have learned techniques and methods and they are gound shaking.It has been a revelation to figure out how well this works and I wanted to let you in on my secret.

I know how to make women (and men)
Wildly Orgasmic!
Highly Responsive Sexually
Instantly and fully Aroused
Happy & Relaxed

If you were on the past Freedom or Jewel cruises you might have had the fortune of getting in to see this technique in action. There were several Erotic Hypnosis seminars offered on both cruises. The rooms were full to capacity and I know there were many who requested additional seminars after they heard how this works.

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Or watch this sexy little video that summarizes my experience with erotic hypnosis.

I’ve taken the long road to learning this, but you don’t have to work that hard because now there is a Three Day Fast Start Seminar.

This is the first quick start seminar of 2014 and you will be trained live, in person with the creator of these techniques, Mark Cunningham.

I’m excited because the curriculum that took me months to learn has been condensed into 3 days.
It will be hands on learning – step by step. Erotic hypnosis training at it’s best.

I’ll be at the seminar, I wouldn’t miss it.

Who comes to this seminar?
You can come as a couple or come single and share the experience with your partner when you get home.

Is the seminar just for men?
Most of the participants will likely be men. But women can learn and do this too because the techniques work just as well on men! Most of my male colleagues have kept their experience to enhancing the orgasmic experience of their ladies. I like to play with both, but either way, let me tell you from my perspective it’s been a wild ride.  Find out about the potential for erotic hypnosis in your relationship.
Couples Bonus: Bring your wife/girlfriend/lover for FREE!

Join me at the Renegade Hypnotist Fast Start Seminar in Orlando!
February 28 – March 2, 2014
Register Now Click Here

For those who already know you want to grab one of the 60 seats in the first training of 2014.
You get the Early Bird discount. $200 off when you  register before December 13.

Register now the fee is $1197.
There is also a 2-payment option.

Everyone who attends will get these extra bonuses:

  • Hypnotic Orgasm Secrets – The Tara Sessions
  • Wild Screaming Hypnotic Orgasms – The LA Sessions
  • Foolproof Hypnotic Trance Guide
  • Special Saturday Evening Mentoring Session
  • Mystery Bonus (you have to attend to find out what it is)
  • Bring your wife/girlfriend/lover for FREE!
  • Full details about the seminar and the bonuses are at the link below.

Take a look at Mark’s short video telling you all about the seminar. Click Here

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