New: Hedonsim Resort Theme Parties


HOTEL UPDATE: Hedonism Resort Theme Parties

Entertainment is the soul of Hedonism II. From live music and shows to the talented entertainment team that sets the resort’s one of a kind energy level. We have revealed our new nightly themes, and now, starting December 21, 2014, these new themes will assist our guests in stepping into their own personal fantasies and totally experiencing Hedonism II’s world-renowned non-judgmental atmosphere of Pure Pleasure.

The added theme nights will allow you to dress (or undress) and act with total freedom. Explaining them newly appointed Entertainment Manager, Winston Bartley, added, “the refreshed themes will be sexy, fun, and flirty, keeping the fantasy of letting you be whoever you want. We can’t wait to see our guests with these themes.”

New Hedonism Resort Theme Parties:

Sundays: Hedonistic School Girl
Mondays: Jamaica Night
Tuesdays: “Bare As You Dare” Glow Pool Party
Wednesdays: Fetish Night “Leather & Lingerie”
Thursdays: Toga Foam Party
Fridays: Rock Star
Saturdays: Hats & Heels

Every night at Hedonism II is a party, these new Hedonism Resort Theme Parties will allow our guests to step out of Life’s Day to Day Box and experience the Life Altering experience that many of our guests have come to expect.

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