What’s on my sexy bucket list for 2016?

I have a new year tradition that has nothing to do with partying all night or or drinking myself silly.
I know… Weird, right?

The shorter days, colder weather and slower pace somehow turns my attention inwards, and I take stock of the year I just lived… and the year that’s on the horizon.

So at the end of every December for the past 4 years, I’ve spent a few hours creating my vision for the new year.  And since sexier and more connected are important to the joy I feel in my life I thought I’d share my secret that I use to create this reality.

What does this Sexy Bucket List tradition do for me? It helps connect me to the joy and fun in my life and to my wonderful husband.  Each year I’ve done this, we feel closer and enjoy being focused on the same fun together.

Every hour I spend planning is literally worth its weight in gold…

Now I’d like to give you a peak at what is on my personal sexy bucket list for 2016 and share the exact template I use to clarify my vision and turn it into reality.

My Sexy Bucket List 2016 

  1. Get tied up for sex: And I don’t mean just a little tied up.  I mean bound and immobilized.  Not simply decorated with a little rope.  And blindfolded too. Trust me, this will be fun.
  2. Practice talking really really dirty.
  3. Experience the northern lights and swim in the blue lagoon.
  4. Spending all day naked.
  5. Sex in a foreign country, possibly with a foreigner.
  6. Digital detox day.  That’s right no  phones, computers, televisions, tablets, iPods, stereos, and whatever else is a technological distraction for a full 24 hours and enjoy the company of your significant other. Try it once, and you may want to make it a regular thing because you’ll feel free as a bird.
  7. Dance naked under the moonlight in the middle of the ocean.
  8. Choose a month (or 12) and say “yes” to every sexual opportunity.
  9. And just for fun, plan a romp in the bobbie bouncy house at the Museum of Sex in New York City.

How to Create your own Sexy Bucket List

Reflect upon your goals. Most of us have some general or vague idea about what we want out of life, what our goals are, and what makes us happy. Nonetheless, when asked directly about our conception of the good life, we may struggle to come up with specifics.

To make sure that we’re on track, and that we won’t look back on our lives with regret, it’s a great idea to regularly set time aside to clearly identify our goals and aspirations in as much detail as possible, and to then come up with plans with concrete steps for achieving our aims. Creating a vision board can be one way to help us with this important task.

Think about the big questions. Before you get started making your vision board, spend some time thinking about the following general questions:

  • What, in your view, is a good life?
  • What makes a life valuable or worth living?
  • When you are on your deathbed, what will you have hoped to have accomplished?

Break down the big questions. To help you answer these big questions (which can be overwhelming!), break them down into smaller questions:

  • What activities do you want to learn how to do?
  • What hobbies and activities do you already do, but want to continue doing or get better at?
  • What are your relationship goals?
  • How do you want to be remembered by others?

Choose your theme. Based upon the discoveries you’ve made after completing the above steps, it’s now time for you to decide what you want the focus of your vision board to be. Don’t feel as though you must limit yourself to creating just one vision board to reflect all of your dreams. You can make as many separate vision boards as you want, each with a different focus.  For my purpose I created a Sexy Bucket List for 2016.

  • You can decide to make a vision board which focuses on a very specific goal that you have. For example, if want to be able to afford your dream vacation within the next year, you can design a Cruise-themed dream board.
  • You can also make dream boards which have a more general theme. Perhaps after reflecting about the type of person you want to be remembered as you determined that you want to work on becoming a kinder, more generous person. Your dream board can be devoted to this theme. Among the things you include can be pictures of inspiring role models.


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