I surveyed over 276 Experienced Cruisers to find out what ONE thing would make any couple enjoy their Bliss Cruise more.

The overwhelming answer? Stop being SHY!  

Of course, that is easier said than done. So we dove into the question and found a few fabulous answers! Try one or try them all!  

Report back and let us know which works best for you.

Play Up Being Nervous like a Newbie

Strategy #1…Why fight it? Use the shyness to your advantage. Michael & Linda are a couple where both partners are shy. They say sometimes they have a drink to take some of the nerves away but mostly they just rock the shyness. 😁

Here is how to do it:  The basis of this strategy is to be transparent. Let people know right away you are shy or a newbie. Everyone has been there before and sharing that little piece of information can be the difference between them thinking you are aloof or stuck up v.s. the truth that you are just nervous.

Michael told us that if people can just help keep the conversation going long enough for him to get to know them then everything works out fine.  But it’s hard for him to bring up questions at first.  

Greet Them & Go (or Meet ‘em and Mash!)

Sam & Kathy are experienced cruisers and they recommend using the awesome activities on the ship, like Meet & Greets to find people with similar interests. They also share that on a ship with SO much happening that it can be hard to keep a set “date.”  Too many factors got in the way of keeping things on time.

Here is how to do it:  They recommend going to a meet and greet with the idea in mind that they are open to play. Or schedule a date to start off at a bar or hot tub. Better yet if you find a couple you click with it could be best to ‘grab them and go have your fun.’ There is no time like the present!

Put it in Writing!

Having trouble telling someone what you want? Why not put it in writing!

Having a business card with your info and a message like ‘We are interested, just shy’ can take all the guesswork out of getting to know another couple. Cards are also a great way to help people remember your names, faces, interests, contact information. Although cards require advanced planning we always recommend having a few printed.

Another great suggestion came from our friend Nellie. She says on past cruises her husband combines putting it in writing with the great idea of having fun in the afternoon.  He brings a sign to pool parties that says “We’re into afternoon delight!” Seriously! Be on the lookout for that!

Don’t have a sign? Why not have the body painter put a little message on your ‘assets?’

Pretend You are a PRO or Act Like the Admin

The final strategy that experienced cruisers recommend is to simply ACT like you aren’t shy.  Since you have costumes, theme parties and thousands of people who don’t know you are shy, why not ‘Fake it to Make it.’ 

How this works:  ‘Ask yourself how would an experienced couple act?’ Get a clear picture in your mind. How would they walk, dance, flirt? What would they say?  Next step: Do that!

Dan & Melissa recommend themes, themes, all the themes! After all, dressing up is one way you can step outside your shyness and be someone else for a little while. 

I know that acting not-shy can be tough. If you can’t pull that off why not actually become a ‘pro or admin?’  

Simply ask your favorite travel agent if they need a helping hand. At TheSwingerCruise.com we always have volunteers help us with handing out lanyards for room keys or other promotional items.  You get a name tag, official t-shirt and a way to help other cruisers. ‘TA-DA Instant Authority.’ It’s a great way to meet people and have a structured role to play.

Let the structure of the ship help you!

Speaking of travel agents, they also give you a great way to interact with your friends. If don’t have a card you can always tell new friends to meet you at your travel agents pre-dinner event.  

Corina says don’t miss the nightly meet-n-greet sponsored by your agency. If you don’t have cards tell your new friend to meet pre-dinner drinks there every night. “It was great when new friends came to find us.”

Still Need More Ideas?  Lynn is the Newbie Expert on Bliss Cruise and has sailed on over 34 lifestyle cruises. She’s been teaching her Swinging 101 class to hundreds of happy new couples for over 6 years. Join her in the Theater on deck 3, Saturday Day 2 at 12:00 noon or meet up with her in R Bar on the promenade at TheSwingerCruise.com desk.

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