The new Scarlet Lady is set to make her debut next month and Virgin has been teasing me with a peak at the innovative things to come. 

Truth be told, I have been talking endlessly about how excited I am for this new ship & cruise line since I went to their launch and Scarlett Party in NYC last Valentine’s Day.

I started a little ‘Circle of Sailors’ and that has turned into a really awesome collection of old and new friends who are adventurous sophisticated travelers from all over the world.

Here are the top 10 reasons people are joining my sexy circle of sailors:

1. Shore Things – Virgin Voyages has shore excursions and tours that are out of the ordinary. While I’m in Key West for Birthday Bash I found and excursion called ‘Be a Mermaid for the Day!’

That’s right! Whey fit you with a tail – teach you how to swim with the rest of your pod and give you a MER-mosa or to celebrate when you are done. I’m totally doing that!

2. Adults Only – This was one of my main points of attraction from the start. While I love kids, I don’t want them on all my vacations. I love the idea that this 18+ ship will be just a little bit, well more adult and spirited all at the same time. I love the idea of being able to release my inner child, not look after one. 

3.Tattoos On-Board – Zoiks? Maybe this is the time and this is the place to get a commemorative (and FIRST for me) tattoo! Squid Ink, might be getting a visit from me!

4. Foodie Paradise – Adios big buffet! I love that there are no buffets, set dining times or assigned seats. The foodie in me wishes the cruise was longer because with over 20 dining options, ranging from Korean BBQ and Mediterranean small plates to bento boxes and fresh handmade pasta. I may have to book more than one cruise to give them all a try!

Plus, it’s all included in your voyage fare. And will be a cool app to handle all your reservations too.

And while I would usually say ‘Mmmm Delicious’ but for this voyage it’s going to be… ‘Sea-licious!’

5. Clever Cabins – These are super high tech and tricked out with the latest tech, including air-conditioning, lighting and curtain settings which auto-adjust when a sailor steps out of the cabin.

My crowd LOVES that you can switch up your space for entertaining with the first-ever transforming cabin-bed. Its either set to couches or a bed. So if you are up to host, let the party begin!

And if you are feeling a bit peckish after after your late night soiree you can use the in-cabin tablet to order up some 2:00 a.m. pepperoni delivered straight to your door.

6. Extended Hours in Port – Land Ho! If you can tear yourself away from the entertainment on board, step ashore for some truly awesome experiences. Many stay late and some are even overnight so you can discover the secrets of the cities after dark.

During Birthday Bash our day at Bimini Beach Club starts early and we stay until the wee hours of the night. I can’t wait for a magical night of dancing around roaring beach bonfire!

7. Zero Single-use Plastic – ‘No more single-use plastics’ is just the start of Virgin Voyages’ commitment to sustainable sailing. Newly-built, state-of-the-art and eco-friendly Scarlet Lady uses cutting-edge technology so you can concentrate on leaving your footprints in the sand and not on the planet.

8. Peak-A-View Shower – In all four Mega RockStar Suites, you’ll find an open-air shower on the terrace so you can wash with a view. 

And if the soap bubbles aren’t enough, your cabin steward will bring you a champagne holder for your shower too. Extravagant? Of course! I’d expect no less!

9. Topless Sun Deck? – Truthfully everyone at Virgin is being a bit hush hush on the actual location or policy around this, but we hope it’s a confirmed option and promise to be the first guests ready to enjoy. 

I mean why hold back? After all this IS an adults only cruise…why not tan your ta-tas?

10 . Scarlet Party!!! – We love playing dress up. If there is a theme we love it even more! Each voyage there will be an EPIC Scarlet Party.

I’ve got my cute little red fascinator hat and a pair of red go-go boots ready and waiting to dance the night away!

11. Richard Branson’s Birthday Bash!

All you have to say is Richard is throwing a big party, wana come?

Who wouldn’t say ‘YES’?

Avoid FOMO Join Our Party!

Richard’s Birthday Bash – Join Us 
July 15-19, 2020
Miami – Bimini – Key West 
Rates start at $3356 total for 2
[This is your invitation – Click to RSVP]

First, this Voyage really IS Richard Branson’s Birthday Bash.
Yes, he will be onboard…
And he’s a REALLY fun guy! 

Second, I’ll be there with a bunch of my friends…rumor has it, my crowd is a blast too!

We are organizing a ‘circle’ – yes, that’s what they call groups of sailors – like you!
So if you are looking for the perfect time to sail with Virgin Voyages, this is it.

Plus, NOW is actually the perfect time to make your reservation.
Virgin Voyages is offering the enticement of up to $400 shipboard credit with “Sailors Loot” (valid on new bookings made from January 1 – February 14, 2020)

Call me!