Cruise Theme Nights, do you dress up? Is it worth it? We get those questions a lot. Theme parties are one of the central activities of a Lifestyle Cruise and the lifestyle in general. We think they are a blast and encourage everyone to dress up for them and let loose. This year’s cruises are composed of some classics that we’ve enjoyed in the past. In the sections below you will find the theme night FAQ we get most often, some common themes and an explanation of all the themes, PLUS online shopping examples!

Cruise Theme Nights: What is the point?
Theme parties and costumes let you indulge in fantasy.  It gives you permission to dress as something you are not. Are you normally more conservative? Dressing as that naughty schoolgirl should help unleash that exotic nymph underneath. Hey, it could work the other way too. Are you the casual, laid-back, easy-going type of guy? Show up to dinner on a formal night in a tuxedo and watch the ladies snap to attention. Open up to the possibility of more fun. A good theme night costume can also serve as a fantastic icebreaker for that couple you’re interested in meeting.

Cruise Theme Nights: I’m a guy, why should I dress up?
Ladies will talk and flirt with your more if you are in costume. If it’s a costume with a part of your bottom exposed, you are guaranteed you will experience a 75% increase in the frequency that ladies ask to touch you there..I’ve taken the time to confirm this study myself. I take my job very seriously. Ask me if I minded.

Cruise Theme Nights: What if I’m shy?
Perfect, the costume can do the flirting for you allowing you the shy person to just stand there and get attention without much outward effort. I promise if you let go and say “who cares, I’m here to have fun” you will see that everyone will feed off your energy and your night will be 100 times better.

Cruise Theme Nights: I don’t want to pack so much and change my outfit.
That’s fine. Some of the themes may not appeal to you, or you can’t come up with elaborate outfits for each. Even a small accessory is better than no theme night outfit at all. Sometimes that small accessory can be the ONLY thing you’re wearing. Ask me where I wore my Captain’s hat during the Naughty Nautical theme…

Cruise Theme Nights: Are costumes required?
No.  But they are encouraged.  Some couples select a few themes that seem fun and really go all-out for it, while other nights they just stay casual.  These theme party outfits give you another reason to get playful and one more layer of fun you can plan for to keep the anticipation exciting.

Cruise Theme Nights: Where do I wear my costume?
All over the ship.  To the dance party, clubs and lounges and some even get dressed up early and wear their costumes to eat that night. If you don’t want to have outfit changes consider wearing your theme party outfit to dinner. I can’t count how many times I’ve work mine there and as people enter they compliment my outfit, or at least come up to me later and say “Hey, we saw you at dinner from across the room and wanted to come say hi!”

Cruise Theme Nights – Themes & Shopping Suggestions

Here are a few common theme nights and some suggested costumes.

Formal Night:
This one is pretty straight-forward.  Now is the night to break out your three-piece suite, tuxedo, or that sexy little black dress.  Everyone will be dressed to the nines, and showing off their sexy, polished look.

Cruise Theme Nights FAQ Formal Night

Shopping Suggestion: Men’s Warehouse 

Naughty Nautical: Get ready to drop anchor and start your vacation. Dress in your sexiest naughty-cal inspired outfits! Ahoy! Sailors hats, blue and white pinstripes. Think classic Navy outfit, but with a sexy flare.

Cruise Theme Nights FAQ Nautical Sailor

Shopping Suggestion: Yandy

Color theme: You can almost guarantee that one night of the cruise will be dedicated to some color on the color wheel.  Let your mind run wild with how you can fulfill this. Body paint? A morph suit? Maybe just some colored pasties and colored panties. Or there’s that sexy lingerie you can’t get away with wearing anywhere else but a lifestyle event!

Cruise Theme Nights FAQ Color Night

Shopping Suggestion: AmiClubwear

Pajamas/Slumber Party: Relax in your pajamas tonight, or stay up all night and party with your sexy new friends! Who knows, a pillow fight may break out! Lingerie, pajama pants, think about what you would normally wear to bed, and make it sexy. Unless you sleep naked, then maybe think about adding some undies.

Cruise Theme Nights FAQ Pajamas

Shopping Suggestion: Bare Necessities

Pirates & Wenches: Avast, mateys! Plunder some precious booty and try not to get to ship-‘wrecked’! Pirate outfits, obviously, or just a tricorne hat and feather. I’ve seen ship steering wheel pasties and a plank of wood in a humorous location on the gent.

Cruise Theme Nights FAQ Pirates

Shopping Suggestion: AmiClubwear

Decade Party: These parties will be dedicated to those times gone by. Pull out the bellbottoms for a 70s party, or rock the Denim jacket, leg warmers neon colors, and big hair for an 80s night.

Cruise Theme Nights FAQ Decade Night

Shopping Suggestions:

ABC (Anything But Clothes): Tonight is a good chance to get REALLY creative. The theme is pretty straightforward. Use material not normally worn to make an outfit.  I’ve seen Saran wrap dresses, bubble-wrap bras, a rope-harness for those Swinky (Kinky Swinger) folks, or some cleverly placed foliage like Adam & Eve.

Cruise Theme Nights FAQ Anything But Clothes ABC

Shopping Suggestions: Pinterest Ideas

High School Nerds & Schoolgirls: Time to get nerdy and dirty! Just try not to end up in detention! This tends to be a crowd favorite(for obvious reasons, I think). Schoolgirl outfits, pocket protectors, horn-rimmed glasses,  suspenders, plaid, rulers, maybe an apple for the naughty teacher?

Cruise Theme Nights FAQ Schoolgirl

Shopping Suggestion: Yandy

Fetish Night: Tonight’s the night to let that freak flag fly! Leather, latex, lace, dark sexy outfits, heck you could even go for a full sexy electrical-tape outfit! Floggers, paddles, rope, and blindfolds, oh my! Think about what really gets your motor running, that could be your fetish! Now how can you put that into an outfit? Exhibitionist, wear as little as possible. Bondage, walk around tied up being led by your partner. Ageplay, walk around in pigtails and sucking a lolly.  Have fun with it.

Cruise Theme Nights FAQ Fetish

Shopping Suggestion: Fetish Factory

Glow Party: The dance party turns into the sexiest rave on the sea! Light up the night with anything that glows. Neon colors, glow sticks, LED blinky lights, sexy glow body paint, anything!

Cruise Theme Nights FAQ Glow

Shopping Suggestion: Etsy

Gi Joes & Army Hoes: Rise and salute! Give praise to our nation’s protectors by wearing camo and protecting your “treasured land”. Camouflage, BDUs, anything patriotic to salute those who have served.

Cruise Theme Nights FAQ GI Joe Army Hoes

Shopping Suggestion: Yandy

Themes relating to your Ports of Call: This one is usually cruise-specific.  We’ve seen some elegant outfits and masks for a “Venice Unveiled” theme, or a “Grand Prix Race” theme for a night in Monte Carlo, or a “Glacier Party” in Alaska. These are fun to think outside of the box for and to get your excitement built for your upcoming trip.

Cruise Theme Nights FAQ Port of Call

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