It’s Amazon Day – so to celebrate and get you in on the savings, we have put together a list of must-have accessories for all lifestyle travelers.

Our #1 recommended travel accessory is the Apple Air Tag! These little things saved me all sorts of trouble. I love looking to know if my luggage is on the plane before I take off and if it’s not at least I can quickly know where it was left behind [Order Apple Air Tags]

Theme Party Costumes

Amazon is always my go-to for theme party accessories and costumes. Here are a few recommendations for upcoming cruises:

Desire Greek Islands – August 2023
Sensual Athens – God & Goddess Accessories
Fantasy Land – Head Pieces & Masks & Wings
Rockstars – Men’s Inspiration
Candyland – x rated candy
Cabaret – Sensual Accessories & dresses
Glare (Glow) Party – Light Up bra & bikini
White Affair – white afterhours erotic
White Body Pearls –

Bliss Cruise – November 2023
Get Lei’d (Hawaiian shirts) – Selection of Pineapple Hawaiian Shirts
Glow Night – Glow Wings
Prehistoric Party – Sexy Cave Crew Ideas
Day of the Dead Fetish – Fantastic Mask & Head Piece
Metalic Magnetism –

Getting all your sexy gear onboard! Luggage

Best Under Seat Spinner – Sale 30% off –
Miss Lynn’s Best Sale Luggage Pick –
3 Piece Set – 60% off –

Maximize Space in Your Cabin

Packing Cubes
Costume Storage with Hefty 2.5-gallon slide zip
Magnets add wall hanging points – up to 100 pounds –
Poo-Pouri gets the job done, and who can resist a fragrance named ‘Ship Happens’. Although my favorite is ‘Parisian Poo’. Can’t decide try a multi-pack in travel size!
Most Cruise Ship cabin walls are metal – so magnets with hooks make the perfect solution for storage or hanging sexy lighting – These are my favorite hooks that hold up to 100 lbs from the ceiling or about half of that on the wall.

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