We all like being seduced! The erotic glance. The light brush of fingertips on a forearm. The innocent or not so innocent laugh. The softly whispered compliment…

It’s all fun and can be very exciting. 

“Instinctual Seduction” involves using all the classic fun and sexy ways to communicate that, “Yes! I’m open to sharing more than polite conversation.” But it’s also a way of relating to potential lovers based on two principles: Be connected. Be selfish. And here’s why:

When you’re  connected to someone you have the best chance of seducing them. That’s because once you’re connected, on one level they feel what you feel. And if you’re feeling genuine attraction, they probably will, too. 

Connect and Express

How do you connect? Use the lingering glance. Or smile as you turn away…and then look back a few seconds later. The light touch on their arm while talking. And look deeply into their eyes, their eyes, their eyes.

In addition, create an “energetic connection”. Here’s how: Assume your best posture and breathe deeply and slowly. Now imagine breathing sexual energy up from your genitals (just imagine breathing it up your spine—you can give it a color if that helps). Bring this sexual energy up to the top of your head, and then imagine it flowing out, over, and down through the top of their head, down to their genitals, and then back over over to yours. Circulate energy like this and you’ll naturally know what to do and say to get to the next level of intimacy.

What do you want? 

Now fill in the blank in “I want _______.” Get in touch with your desire and if it’s appropriate, tell your prospective lover. For example, tell them, “I’m really attracted to you,” or “I’d really like to kiss you,” or whatever you’re really feeling. 

Because men usually still take the lead in the seduction game, this is a great strategy for them. Men who get connected to a woman and then start expressing their instincts are usually shocked at the great results. 

For women “seductresses,” sharing their true wants is, well, super seductive!

Seduction “Selfishness”

Again, because men usually take the lead (and women control the outcome) in many seduction encounters, this applies mostly to them: Instinctual seduction requires you being selfish, guys. 

Why? Many women feel their sensual best when a man leads them. Once a man is connected to a woman and she trusts him, the man can do what feels good to him and it will probably feel good to her, too. 

For example, if he says, “I want to kiss you,” it gives her the opportunity to let him know she’d like that, too. The worst case scenario: an awkward moment. But that’s a lot better than floundering around, trying to figure out what to say or do to seduce a potential lover.

In the end, Instinctual Seduction combines all the best fun and sexy seduction techniques of the past with fresh authenticity. See how getting connected and expressing your wants works for you on the cruise!

Dr. Leonard McGill is the author of “The Ninja Lover’s Training Manual,” “Mastering The Art of Vaginal Massage,” and “Erotic Intelligence For Men”.    

He is presenting three classes on November’s Bliss cruise: “Opening Your Lover’s Mind and Body To Pleasure,” “Sexual Hypnosis In 5 Easy Steps,” and “Tantric Massage For Beginners and Masters”. He is also providing 2-hour Ecstatic Massage sessions on the cruise.

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