Planning to arrive to Tahiti several days before our LLV Cruise Sails? Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your time in Papeete (PPT)

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Our plans include arriving in Tahiti on March 13, 2022, on the early morning Air France Flight. That gives us 4 days to explore, shop, and adjust to the 5 hour time difference.

My personal itinerary:

March 13 – Sunday – Taxi into Papeete to Explore Le Marche Market in PPT, local shopping

March 14 – Monday – Tahiti Sunset Cruise and Roulottes (food trucks)

March 15 – Tuesday – Explore the Inner Island with a private tour or 4×4 Safari

March 16 – Wednesday – Pre-Cruise Meet and Greet (Details TBA) + Polynesian Show at InterContinental

Here are a few of the tour recommendations that I booked + a few that sound really fun!

Donut Boats! These look like a riot and the description says that they are located on the property at the InterContinental. What fun this could be!

Cooking Classes & Markets:
One most sensual way to understand another culture is thru their culinary tradition. I have taken cooking classes in over 15 countries and find that guide tours through the local markets is always a way to find hidden treasures I might have overlooked.

Because of the location of the marina and the roulette we are combining the Sunset Cruise with a casual dinner stop to check out the local food truck scene.

We are also planning an exploration of the island with either a private guide or the 4×4 Safari. You will also find several recommendations in my recommended tour list that simply sounded fun!

I’ve never seen a flying boat tour and I can’t say that I recommend it, but I figured it was too quirky not to share!

Faarumai Waterfalls

I’m definitely taking a day tour to explore some of the waterfalls in Tahiti. I’m deciding between a private guide and the 4×4 option. There are numerous waterfalls all over Tahiti, but the most popular and accessible are the three waterfalls at Faarumai, known as the Cascades of Faarumai. I long to see this truly impressive sight, with crystal clear water rushing down a sheer rock face into a cool, inviting pool.

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