Tantra and Swinging. Those in the know may think that these two activities may be in opposition to each other and have nothing to do with one another. We’re here to tell you that that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Tantra can be something that enhances and expands your swinging experience more than you would ever imagine.

Swinging is often the avenue of opening up a marriage, exploring other people while still being fully transparent in your communication with each other, and remaining in your integrity with each other. You may discover that there is a whole world of pleasure available to you that can be embraced, while still maintaining a growing and deepening relationship with your sweetheart “soul-mate”.

Yet, often swinging can also be the most stretching, relationship testing experience you ever enjoy, as jealousy, insecurities, wandering hearts, and infidelities can creep in.

So what about this “Tantra” word that is being thrown about like the new sexy yoga?

Tantra Defined

Tantra is a way of life; a state of being, or even more boiled down, the bringing together of all the parts of us into alignment so that we operate from a place of integrity within ourselves and then, move into this world having meaningful interactions with others in that state of personal alignment.

In real-world terms, it means getting our own shit together, our own mastery of jealousy, insecurities, and understanding of our own needs so that we can embrace a lover with full open disclosure about who we are, and in that state, be able to fully show up for both our spouse and that new dreamy partner we just met over dinner in the Cruise ship meet and greet!

Tantra carries with it all kinds of misconceptions. Some teachers say tantra has nothing to do with sex; others say tantra is just another sex manual for lovers. We tend to land somewhere in the middle and embrace tantra as learning how to embody ourselves first, our partners second, and then open to new and sexy lovers in that state of healthy living.

As you discover the various techniques that can be learned through tantra, as well as the inner work that you may discover, your sense of self-confidence, understanding of your own body, and understanding of the body of your lover will expand exponentially. Knowing the physical, energetic and spiritual dynamics of what happens when you are making love can practically change your love-making skills, and help you both be able to give much more intense pleasure to your partner(s) as well as be able to more fully enjoy your own pleasure.

The rumors of Sting having extended orgasms are not just myth. When you fully understand your body, you can learn how to be so much more present, more tuned in to your partner and yourself, and in the process discover that what you have been enjoying so far in sex may be but a “genital sneeze” compared to what you can experience in tantric love-making!

So, if you want to know more, seek out some tantric teaching, learn more about what it all involves, sift through the real from those who use that word sprinkled on top of a sensual massage (it can include that, but it’s far more!)

…and get out there and enjoy all the sex your body desires… in full alignment with your own integrity and while deepening the bond between you and your beautiful life-mate!


— This writing comes to us from our friends David & Natalie at [PleasureCenter.org]. As the owners of PleasureCenter in Calgary, AB, Canada. David & Natalie are both Certified Tantric Educators, certified by the Authentic Tibetan Tantra in Washington State. They both share an intense passion for helping individuals explore their own journey of self-discovery through the avenue of Tantra. Natalie is also trained in Hot Stone Therapy and is a Level 2 Reiki provider. David, as well, is a Reiki practitioner, as a Level 3 provider.

For a further understanding of how healthy relationships utilize Tantra, or for a private session please contact them directly. You can also contact them to book a session on board one of our many cruises that they may be teaching on.

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