People take vacations for lots of reasons. Sometimes just to relax and recharge, other times to try something new and different or to broaden horizons. The reasons are many and varied. Humans have travel in their DNA. We’re grateful for that since we’ve built our business on the human desire to travel and do new things

Why Take a Lifestyle Vacation:  SEX and FUN

Why a lifestyle vacation? The main reason is that they are just plain fun! The environment is sexy and usually exotic and the people often are too. Life’s cares are left behind, at least for a week. No deadlines and no commitments. Most importantly lot’s of sex. Lot’s and lot’s of sex. Do I have your attention now….

Lifestyle vacations offer the adventurous couple a chance to reconnect with their partners and ignite their passions and desires. They happen at exotic locations or onboard fabulous cruise ships with other sexy people. All of those people together in one place are there for the same reason you are. The difficult stuff is already taken care of. Entertainment is widely available. Meals are scheduled and the DJ’s and Dancing are always ready to get the party started. Need an icebreaker? Plenty of those scheduled too. Ever played “Speed Dating” with Swinger couples. Trust me it is an event not to be missed. How about meet and Greets scheduled throughout the day for a lot different interests. I mean a lot of different interests. Got a hall pass…we got a meet and Greet for that. Girl/Girl play only…stop on by. We got you covered.

Why take a Lifestyle Vacation – FANTASY

Let’s not forget the fantasy part of the lifestyle vacation. Many people experience a profound sense of relief when they book a trip. The relaxation process begins as soon as you hang up the phone or press the button. Many couples start to talk about what they hope to experience on their lifestyle vacation. Lot’s of the ladies start buying the sexy hot outfits they’ve been thinking about. We all start taking a few more frequent trips to the gym with a lot more enthusiasm. This is half the fun of a lifestyle vacation. The anticipation. We often travel with a third person on our trips. She loves to dress up for the events, especially if they have a Fetish Night. We often refer to it as her prom night! You just can’t do that kind of stuff on a vanilla resort of family resort. Well you could but your stay might be cut short…..On a lifestyle vacation that’s not a problem.

Why Take a Lifestyle Vacation – THE NUMBERS

Many of our customers are members of the various adult dating websites, as are we. The process of initiating a contact, developing communications and planning a date can be formidable. In addition, it’s essentially a date and if it leads to more that needs to be accounted for with regard to sitters or locations to play. A Lifestyle vacation bypasses all of that. It turbocharges the process. You get to meet people, introduce yourselves and get to know them all in a short time. If passion ignites you have your own room or stateroom close by. Like to meet up for a few drinks before you play. No worries and drinking and driving on a ship or resort.  The best part is, depending on the vacation, there will either be dozens to hundreds of other couples, in close proximity, with the same idea in mind. It would take you months and months of emailing back and forth to meet as many couples as you would on a 7 day adults only lifestyle vacation.

Why Take a Lifestyle Vacation – HOW TO GET STARTED

I will throw a plug in for our Lifestyle Cruises, the next one we have leaves in April of 2016 followed by another in Nov of 2016. You can ask anyone who’d been on a vanilla cruise and one of our lifestyle cruises which is more fun? I don’t think anyone I’ve ever spoken to said they liked a vanilla cruise better.
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