What’s the one thing that can change the entire experience on a Couples Cruise?   Believe it or not, dinner!

This week we have had a number of calls from new couples on the cruise asking about the dinner procedures.  If our customers are asking you might be wondering about it too.

This is important to know:  Unlike a regular cruise there are no dining requirements on a Couples Cruise

  • No Assigned Dinner time (i.e.: no early or late seating)
  • No Assigned Table!

We love that Couples Cruise sets it up this way.   It allows for dinner to become a unique social experience every night.

What does a comedian know about dinner? Trust me, a lot! You don’t want to screw these two things up!
Dining tips from the Dominatrix of Ditties:

4.  Dining tip:  Never sit at a table that only seats two, unless you are not on that cruise to meet other like-minded kinky fu@%ers like yourself.  Always sit at a table large enough so people can join you, OR always ask to sit at a table where you can join another couple.

5.  Make plans to have dinner with at least 2-3 other couples you’ve met and want to get to know better.  If you let the cruise ship staff seat you randomly, you don’t always know who you’re going to be sitting with…you might get that guy that complains about the food and hates you hitting on his wife!

If you would like to read the rest of Traci’s entertaining and informative tips called ‘Getting the most out of Couples Cruise’ you will find them here 

What are you wearing for Formal Nights?

There are 2 formal nights on this cruise Sunday & Thursday

Sunday is ‘Dress Up Dress Down’ – that means formal followed by pajama party.  This is a traditional formal night.  You will see men in tuxedos and suites and the ladies looking glamorous i gowns, suits and dressy slut wear.

Tip: Get your picture taken formal night. You can show this one to your family and at work.

Thursday is ‘Fashion Formal.’  Recommended attire is a tux or something a bit more fashion forward.  Designer suits and dresses.  Every one feels sexy dressed up and most of the couples do participate.

What if you Hate Formal?

If formal isn’t your thing that’s a great night to have dinner some in one of the other restaurant choices and Independence has many choices.

The Windjammer Café has more options now including Jade Sushi and Asian-fusion cuisine. Sorrento’s Pizza and Café Promenade and room service are also included options.

The specialty restaurants like Chops or Giovani’s Table are a delicious.  If you want casual there is a Johnny Rockets.

What are you wearing for dinner the other nights?  The first night you can go resort casual. For the rest of the evenings Couples Cruise recommends dress to impress.  Be sexy.   Or if you want to show off the costume you are wearing that night, why not put it on for dinner?

What to EAT for dinner

There are so many delicious choices!  But if you are on the cruise and planning to hook up later you might want to consider passing on a few of them.  While we LOVE the escargot in garlic butter, our play partners later that nigh might not.   Or what the heck, have dinner together and every one slup down on those little buggers.


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