What’s a new sexual skill that’s becoming more popular on swingers’ cruises? One giving women nearly unlimited pleasure? It’s vaginal massage, the next new hot thing to come around. And it’s not your Father’s way of using his fingers! Women take note: use this guide to teach your lovers how to navigate this new “digital” skill for hours of pleasure!

Vaginal massage is a modern version of Yoni Massage, developed by Tantric sexual masters thousands of years ago to open a woman’s body for pleasure. Almost every woman on the planet would love to experience g-spot orgasms. Now men are learning how to give them. In short, fingers are catching up with tongues when it comes to quenching a woman’s sexual thirst.

Before You Begin A Vaginal Massage

Here are some things to keep in mind before you start massaging your lover’s most precious parts:

  • Some men will initially feel uncomfortable massaging a woman’s vagina. After all, it’s delicate down there! But you’re almost assured of a great outcome if you’ll approach your lover’s vagina with a playful, respectful attitude.
  • Ask your lover to tell you to go faster, slower, harder or softer during the massage. Be aware, however, that in the heat of passion she might mix these words up. For example, when she moans, “faster” she might really mean “harder”. Don’t fret, just let her know if you need clarification.
  • The sensitivity of women’s clitorises varies as much as the weather on Mars. Some get little lightning bolts of sexual pleasure with the touch of a feather on their pink nub. Others need the kind of pressure you use when playing with your penis to reach K2 pleasure heights. In general, the more aroused a woman is, the more pressure you can apply to her clitoris. So at first go really light. Only after she gives you signs that she’s enjoying herself should you apply more pressure.
    A natural thought process for most men is, “If a little pressure is good, more is better.” Or, “if a little speed is good, a lot of speed is even better.” This isn’t the case. In fact, when giving a vaginal massage, start light and slow and only increase pressure and speed gradually. If you see that your lover is in a good groove, stick with what you’re doing. Stick with it until she has an orgasm or until she tells you to change things up.
  • It probably goes without saying, but you need to clip your nails short, get rid of any hangnails, and clean your nails so there’s only white underneath.

Vaginal Massage: A How-To Guide

Now that you know the basics, here is a “recipe” for doing a vaginal massage that will have your lover squirming with delight.

Vaginal Massage Technique #1:
Sit close to your lover’s right hip (if you are left-handed, simply reverse the following directions). Drape your lover’s right leg over your right knee. Squirt 2-4 tablespoons of personal lubricant in the cup of your left hand, and rub your hands together. Move your left index finger to the right side of her clitoral hood, and your left middle finger onto her clitoral head, so it rests on her ”Butterfly Spot,” the left upper quadrant of her clitoris.

Hint: On many women, the Butterfly Spot is the most nerve-rich area of the clitoris.

Start rubbing the upper left quadrant of her clitoris with an up and down motion, using your left middle finger. Let your left index finger slide up and down beside it, along the right side of her clitoral hood. Use a steady pressure and rhythm. If you’ve ever seen the pendulum of a grandfather clock swing back and forth, that’s the kind of rhythm you want.

Vaginal Massage Technique #2:
Once you have your left fingers going, slip the tip of your right index finger into her vaginal opening. Take your time. The more anticipation you build the better. Her vaginal canal will also appreciate a slow entrance, as it will allow it to stay relaxed.

Vaginal Massage Technique #3:
Now turn your hand counterclockwise so your palm is facing down toward the bed and move your finger all the way in. Press your finger down against the bottom of the vagina. This will stretch her clitoris (yes, it’s all connected!), making it more sensitive. 
Begin massaging the highly sensitive tissue at the bottom of the vagina by slowly moving your finger back and forth in a sweeping motion, covering the bottom of her vagina with your strokes. Do this 20 times, or for about 2 minutes.

Remember: This is a recipe, but if you feel she would enjoy less or more time, you can adjust accordingly. You should also ask her, “How’s that pressure?” “Would you like me to go slower or faster?” And, before you move on, “Would you like me to spend some more time on this part of you?” The more comfortable you get, the fewer questions you’ll need to ask as you go along. Always encourage a new partner to let you know what feels good or doesn’t.

Vaginal Massage Technique #4:
After massaging the bottom of your lover’s vagina, move your finger to its right side wall. The tissue there may be slicker. Again, slide your finger up to the top of the wall and then back down in a sweeping motion. Do twenty strokes up and down, and then repeat for the left wall. 
Your left finger should still be caressing your lover’s clitoris in a slow, steady rhythm.

Vaginal Massage Technique #5:
Now turn your right hand clockwise so the tip of your index finger rests up against your lover’s G-spot. As you probably know, this is a quarter-sized spot about one to two inches in from the vaginal opening, on the “roof ” of the vagina. It should feel different from other tissues you’ve been feeling, having a rougher texture and a “spongy” feel.

The basic stroke for the G-spot is a “come here” motion, where you curl your index finger up into the roof of your lover’s sweet spot, toward you. It’s as if you were using your finger to let someone know they should come to you.

Vaginal Massage Technique #6:
Now you’re set: as your left middle finger moves down her clitoris, your right index finger moves up and back into her vagina, so its tip is at the back of her G-spot. As your left middle finger moves up her clitoris toward her mons pubis, your right index finger moves forward, toward you, across her G-spot, stroking along its length. (Your right finger remains in her vagina at all times.)

Vaginal Massage Technique #7:
Relax into a nice, gentle, slow, steady massage, with your fingers slipping over your lover’s clitoris and into her vagina. If you’ve pampered her mind and body with great foreplay your lover will hopefully reach an orgasm in five to twenty minutes. Once she does keep massaging until she has another, and another and another… (Note: You may have to stop stroking her clitoris for a while after she orgasms, as it can become too sensitive.)

Vaginal Massage with Dr Leonard McGill

— Dr. Leonard McGill is the author of “Mastering the Art of Vaginal Massage”.
This article is excerpted from his book, available on Amazon.com

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