Temptation Cruise Review: The Sexy Vibe

No doubt about it. Temptation Cruise is sexy. The day time pool scene is hot.  Lots of what you might imagine; toned sexy young bodies, thong bikini bottoms and plenty of skin.  Take that even farther and half of the ladies were dancing topless. Moving to the groove of the thumping base and feeling the warmth of the caribbean sunshine gleaming on their skin.

The night time pool parties in theme costumes were even hotter. This crowd got dressed in theme beautifully.

Inside the ship was tempting with sexyness at every turn 

The obvious, most sexy place on the ship was the R-Rated Red Room. 

Temptation Cruise Review: The Sexy Vibe Red Room

How do I best describe guest reactions to the ‘Red Room?’ 

Surprising & Delightful

When I asked couples what they thought of the Red Room those were the two answers that really summed it up. 

The Red Room is a feature designed to tempt everyone’s sexuality. It may push your limits in a safe and sexy way.

Imagine walking thru sheer curtains into a large room with low lighting. Candles and twinkle lights decorate the table surfaces.  The room had beautiful British Colonial decor – as I walked in to explore the first thing that caught my eye was the group of mattresses surrounded by sheer drapes in the middle of the room. 

It was the notorious group play area.

6 queen mattresses together – this is what most couples imagine. A group-grope pit. This is also what people who have not seen it are a most afraid of.  No one wants to be mauled or man handled without their consent.

The vibe on the group area was actually hot. 

Bolder couples shared their intimacy in the plain view of others.  Some were mixing with friends, The couples there seemed to have planned the action in advance.  I notices a few couples meeting in that environment – a smile acted as an invitation to talk about mutual interest and what else could happen.


Surrounding the grouping of mattresses was plush seating.  This play space was a converted lounge and group pit was surrounded by semi circular booths & cocktail tables with a tiny lamp in the middle. 

From those booths, couples could watch the action, kiss, cuddle and get worked up on their own. Voyeurs were definitely welcome.  

The arrangement made for some private hushed conversation and intimate touching. 

Around the outer perimeter of the room were private cabanas – queen size beds, surrounded by curtains – these curtains could be opened or closed.

What a Newbie Couple Had to Say:

When we read about the ‘Red Room’ we thought for sure that would NOT be someplace we would go.  But, out of curiosity we decided to go in during the pre-opening tour.

The staff explained the rules and we were so surprised to find all the private beds with curtains.  How sexy! Our opinion shifted from “No way to — lets give it a try.”  We didn’t realize we could just do this as a couple and not have to share with others.

What another Newbie Couple Had to Say:

I think we were afraid of feeling exposed. Like other people would really be watching us… or worse… that someone would touch us without asking.  

We found the Red Room to be safe, sensual and OMG so sexy!

What An Experienced Couple Had to Say:

DO Tour the Red Room Before it Opens

The staff kept the red room really a beautiful experience, it was clean and they staff make sure everything was clean and ready.  Fresh sheets, towels and there were condoms at the entry way incase you forgot yours.

Red Room is Always a no pressure zone – No Always Means No!

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