It’s our hottest new brand and everyone is wondering ‘Is a Rockstar Adventure right for me?’

The track record is phenomenal since the First Platinum Hit back in 2020. The good news is getting out! We interviewed The Rockstars to reveal the real truth and answer the question: ‘Is a Rockstar Adventures right for you?’

If these answers make you smile then we encourage you to join us! If they leave you feeling confused or cranky, then a Rockstar Adventure is NOT for you!

Here are the Rockstar Answers!

How to Imagine Your Rockstar Adventure! 

I love interviews that make me smile right from the start. When I asked her to describe RSA she started like a new-age Meditation Coach.

‘Take a Deep Cleansing Breath – Close your Eyes and Imagine’

There you are on a beach.
FEEL the warm sun tanning your face while a breeze skims over your skin.

RECOGNIZE that it’s a signal, heightening your awareness of comfort and pleasure.

DON’T PEEK!!! Now smell the air carrying a mist of fresh fragrances.
Really!?! Fish! You had to go there, didn’t you?

Okay, close your eyes again.

LISTEN! The rhythm of the waves mesmerizes you and sends you to a place where you can’t tell if the sound comes from within your body or the vast body of water.

Now imagine yourself DANCING in the sand to your favorite genre with 150 other Rockstars. The collective energy moves you and you don’t give a damn if you can’t dance.

Your Rockstar friends cheer you on! Before you know it you’re skinny dipping in a warm sea.
Just you and 150 of your new best friends.

This is a Rockstar Adventure!

We lead you to the fun but you make the memories. Rockstar Adventures is for like-minded and freethinking travelers. Together we allow moments to morph into unforgettable memories. 

How are these great Rockstar Adventures made? 

RSA brings together the best of the best.  We recruit the rockstarriest Rockstars, choose exotic and delightful locations and plan fun, unique experiences. 

How can you do this at the great prices you offer? 

Rockstar Adventures carefully curates vacations that center around sexy experiences at venues that are Rockstar-worthy.

RSA doesn’t need playmakers because our Rockstar Guests bring a sensual and high-energy vibe with them.

No playrooms because Rockstars use their personalities to make the magic happen.

No boring entertainment is hired because why sit and watch someone else dance when we can move our bodies?

Why should I travel with Rockstar Adventures?  

First of all, we urge you to travel however you can, whenever you can. Just travel!

Now, if you want to travel sexy, then travel with Rockstar Adventures.

If you want to see the world with fun, like-minded friends, choose Rockstar Adventures.

If you crave a romantic, sexy, and even edgy vibe while experiencing the world RSA has curated itineraries to sensual and freethinking destinations that will satisfy more than just your destination checklist.

Rockstar Adventures fulfills your travel fantasies.

Is a Rockstar Adventure a lifestyle vacation?  

Hmmm…let us ask you a question.

Does Disney have restaurants?

Well, yes they do! But they also have so many components that go far beyond eateries to create a magical experience.

This is the same for Rockstar Adventures.

There is so much more to our sexy vacations that it would be a shame to only talk about eating out!

We incorporate magical moments, sensual situations, and tasty tidbits into each vacation.

Where each person takes the magic is up to them.
We applaud you for whatever you choose.  
And we give you a standing ovation for being YOU! 

What does it take to be a Rockstar? 

A Rockstar participates.

And when we say participate, we mean go for the glory of a medal or trophy.

Because who wants to take home a participant ribbon?

Rockstars contribute to the fun, the vibe, and the high energy.  

Rockstars share their talents.
Rockstars are just fun!
Don’t like to participate. That’s okay, then be the best damn cheerleader on the sideline.

Do Rockstars play?  

Heck ya! Playing is what Rockstars do best and we play in every way!

You know the saying, “Work hard, play harder”.

We take that saying seriously.

We know Rockstars work hard and we know that TIME is a Rockstar’s most precious commodity, therefore, plan to play hard….in every way!

This being said, Rockstar Adventures brings the fun…it’s up to you to play as you wish.

What is the average age of Rockstars?  

Really? Did you just ask that question?

Rockstars come in various chronological ages. It’s our maturity that matters.

And frankly, to be mature is to know when to be immature.

Think of a Rockstar Adventure as your favorite away camp, on steroids….without counselors.

For the most part, Rockstars range from mid-30s to mid-70s.

Really we don’t care about your age.

I’m booked on a Rockstar trip. Can my friend come too?  

Any friend of a Rockstar is a friend of ours.

We only ask that you do us the favor and ask only fun friends because the others, well they just suck.


Rockstar Adventures is about a Feeling of Freedom

We had a BLAST talking with RSA about what it means to be a Rockstar. We have had even more fun living the Rockstar Experience.

Our conclusion is that while there are a number of factors that make RSA different than other lifestyle vacations the FEELING of being a Rockstar seems to be the most discerning point. After traveling with 4 RSA events I can tell you they just feel different. We truly love this brand.

  • Authentic High-quality experiences without being stuffy.
  • No over inflated price because its ‘lifestyle’
  • No playrooms
  • No playmakers or gogo-dancer-staff

Upcoming Rockstar Adventures

Rockstar Douro River
Aug 21-28, 2024
The sexiest wine music cruise of the year!

Rockstar Amazon River & Machu Picchu
October 11-24, 2024
Luxury Adventure using all Belmond Hotels & the Belmond Train

Rockstar Mekong
March 2-11 2025
Vietnam to Cambodia

Rockstar Iceland
July 3-10 2025
A full ship charter on Atlas Ocean Voyages sailing all the way around Iceland!

Rockstar Columbia
December 3-10, 2025
Cartegenia to Barranquilla on the AmaMelodia sailing the Magdelena River

Past Rockstar Adventures

July 16-23, 2022 – Only 2 Cabins Remain!
Rockstar Croatia Yacht Cruise
Split – Pucisca – Korcula – Lastovo – Komiza – Stari Grad – Bol – Solta
Starting at $5,596 per couple

February 11-18, 2023
Rockstar Star Clipper Costa Rica Cruise
Puerto Caldera – Quepos – Golfito – Coiba Island – Parida Island – Isla Tortuga – Puerto Caldera
Starting at $6,156 per couple

June 24 – July 1, 2023 – Hot Ticket!
Rockstar Rhine River Cruise
Frankfurt – Rudesheim – Cologne/Bonn – Wesel – Hoorn – Amsterdam
Starting at $6,356 per couple

January 27 – February 7, 2024 – HOT TICKET! Waitlist Only!
Rockstar Egypt & Nile Cruise
11 Nights Splendors of Egypt & the Nile
Starting at $19,496 per couple

March 24- April 5, 2024
Rockstar Iconic Down Under
Australia & New Zealand on the Celebrity Edge

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